Patient Info

Safe Harbor Notice

Pricing policy remains standard for each and every patient adhering to Safe Harbor laws. That means each patient is treated fairly and equal. The law does not allow for favorable rates for one patient over another. Vista Imaging Services, Inc. is contracted separately with each surgical facility, not the physician. Your insurance carrier will be billed only for the x-ray portion of your procedure. You may see remarks related to radiology services on your insurance statement.

We accept most insurances, including Workers Compensation and Medicare. We ask that you provide a copy of your insurance card and information upon the time of your visit. Any co-payment or deductible is the responsibility of the patient and you may see a reflective statement. Related charges to your procedure from the physician and/or facility are separate from Vista Imaging Services, Inc.

EOB- Billing Statements

Recently, you may have received a letter in the mail from your insurance company referencing Vista Imaging Services, Inc.

Note: This is not a bill.

The letter you received is from your insurance carrier and is called an “Explanation of Benefits” or “EOB”.  It is intended to inform you that your insurance company received a bill for Fluoroscopy- x-ray services rendered by Vista Imaging Services, Inc., during your recent medical procedure. This is a statement from your insurance and is not a bill.

Fluoroscopy is a type of X-ray, which allows your Physician to see real time imaging during a medical or surgical procedure.

Although Vista Imaging Services is In-Network with many insurance companies, you may notice on your EOB that Vista Imaging Services is Out-of Network with your particular insurance company.  If this is the case, as a courtesy Vista Imaging Services, Inc. will not balance-bill you for the Out-of-Network costs listed on the EOB. There will not be any balance due other than a possible co-payment portion dependent on your particular insurance plan and deductible requirements.

For a copy of the Vista Imaging Services Assignment of Benefit form that you should have received and signed prior to your procedure from your surgery center or physician’s office please call our office at 415-272-3925 ext 117.

Please contact us if you have any further questions about the EOB you received or for inquiries related to billing statements.

For inquiries related to EOB's or billing statements please contact our billing department at 415-272-3925 x113.